Kerala PSC 1000+ Free Mock Test 2023 - PSC Model Exams

PSC Mock Test: Are you looking for PSC Mock Test? Here we have given the most important topics for the Kerala PSC exams as a mock test.

Do you know the purpose of Kerala PSC? The Kerala Public Service Commission or Kerala PSC is a body set up by the State Government to provide employment in Kerala. The Head Office of the KPSC is located at Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram.

These mock tests are effective for all Kerala PSC exams like LDC, LGS, Secretarial Assistant, Police Constable, Fireman, Civil Excise, etc. Mock tests are given below.This page will be updated daily with new mock tests. Here you can practice topic wise psc mock tests.

Kerala PSC Mock Test

Kerala PSC Mock Test 2023

This PSC Mock Test 2023 is helpful to all. Here you can practice more PSC mock tests for free these mock tests are really beneficial for your upcoming Kerala PSC exams. Kerala PSC Mock Test 2023 is given below.

Kerala PSC New Pattern (Statement Type) Question Mock Test

What are the new pattern questions of Kerala PSC? Kerala PSC modified its question pattern in 2021. Kerala PSC has added questions from SCERT textbooks and it's a little bit confusing to answer those questions. Below we give four-part of Kerala PSC's new pattern or Statment type questions in mock test format.

  1. Kerala PSC New Pattern Questions Mock Test Part 1
  2. Kerala PSC New Pattern Questions Mock Test Part 2
  3. Kerala PSC New Pattern Questions Mock Test Part 3
  4. Kerala PSC New Pattern Questions Mock Test Part 4

Kerala PSC Science Mock Test

In Kerala PSC exams Science is an important topic. Here we the science mock test for the Kerala PSC exams.

Physical Science

The physical science section subjects, these subjects are included Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences. The major subjects in the Kerala PSC exams are Physics and Chemistry. So here we give the Physics and Chemistry mock test. These mock tests are really helpful for your upcoming Kerala PSC exams in 2022 and 2023.

Kerala PSC Special Topics Mock Test

What are the Kerala PSC Special topics? Kerala PSC has modernised its syllabus in 2021 and 2022. During that period Kerala PSC adds new topics to their syllabus and the new topics that are associated with the job. Here we give the mock test of Kerala PSC Special Topics

  1. Civil Police Officer Special Topics Mock Test
  2. Devaswom LDC Special Topics Mock Test

LGS Mock Test 2022

Below we give LGS (Last Grade Servants)Mock test 2021. We hope those LGS model mock test exam is useful to you.

  1. LGS Mock Test Part 1
  2. LGS Mock Test Part 2
  3. PSC New Upcoming Exam Mock Test

Current Affairs Mock Test 2022

Here we give the Current Affairs Mock Test 2022. We give the mock test every month. So you never miss any updates. We take all questions from the PSC Bulletin, which's published by Kerala PSC. Current Affairs mock test 2021 is given below.

  1. Current Affairs Mock Test January 2022
  2. Current Affairs Mock Test February 2022
  3. Current Affairs March 2022
  4. Current Affairs Mock Test 2021

English Grammar Revision Mock Test

If you complete all the topics in English Grammar you can easily check your knowledge level by practising this mock mock test. English Grammar mock test is provided below.

  1. English Grammar Mock Test
  2. English Grammar Mock Test Part 2
  3. English Grammar Mock Test Part 3

Important Mock Test Kerala PSC Exams - PSC Mock Test 2022

Below we give the basic and most important mock test. You must study those mock tests so you get ranked in all Kerala PSC exams. This mock test is useful to Kerala PSC 10th Level main, Kerala PSC 12th Level main, Kerala PSC degree Level preliminary, Kerala PSC degree Level main, Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Fireman, Firewoman, Police Constable, Excise Inspector, Sub Inspector of Police, Last Grade Servant (LGS), Village Extension Officer (VEO), Village Field Assistant (VFA), KSRTC Conductor, LD Typist, Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant, Kerala PSC Laboratory Assistant, Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Kerala PSC Company Corporation Board Assistant, Kerala PSC University Assistant

Congratulations to all who are preparing for the Kerala PSC exams. Practice the mock test accurately and increase your knowledge. We hope the Kerala PSC Mock Test is helpful. Have a nice day.