Question Tag Mock Test

Question Tag Mock Test

Question Tag Mock Test: Here we give a Question tag mock test. This mock test is really useful for all competitive exams. Here we give 20 questions. Question tag mock test is really useful to all competitive exams in India. A question tag is a primary question in the English Grammar part and it valuable to all competitive exams. This mock test is helpful to UPSC, SSC, RRB, Railway, Bank and Kerala PSC exams. This mock test is really valuable to Kerala PSC Degree level preliminary, LDC, Police Constable, Civil Excise and Secratriate Assistant exam.

Articles Grammar Mock Test

It wasn't an old car_________?
wasn't it
is it
was it
Isn't it
He doesn't like geography ____________
Doesn't he?
Do he?
Don't he?
Does he?
I am older than you ____________
amn't I?
Weren't I?
aren't I?
am I?
Nothing was known about him,_________?
Isn't they
Isn't it
Wasn't it
Was it
I am elder to you ________?
do I
Shall I
am I
aren't I
They don't work hard_____________?
do they
don't they
are they
aren't they
She is very beautiful,____________?
isn't it
is it
isn't she
is she
Anamika is not a good girl,____________?
wasn't she
isn't she
was she
is she
She has finished her work:
hasn't She ?
has she?
isn't she?
is she?
You don't love your wife,_________?
Won't you
Will you
Do you
Don't you
This is your favourite colour_________?
isn't this
aren't this
is this
isn't it
I am very sincere in work, __________
weren't I?
am I?
amn't I?
aren't I?
I am not older than you,________
aren't I?
weren't I?
am I?
Nobody was present in time,__________
weren't they?
was any?
were they?
do they?
Every adult has the right time to marry,_________
hasn't they?
have they?
has they?
haven't they?
Let me have a look,________?
will you
won't you
do you
shall you
'Have some more coffee'. Its question tag is___________
do they?
will you?
can I?
will you?
Let's read a new story,__________
do we?
should we?
shouldn't we?
shall we?
Keep quiet ___________?
couldn't you
shall you
can't you
will you
He used to be a good cricket player,_____________?
isn't he
use he
Didn't he
wasn't he
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