Kerala PSC LDC Previous Question Papers & Answer Key - PDF Download

Kerala PSC LDC Previous Question Papers; Here we give LDC previous question papers. We provide all question papers with answer keys. So you get solved question papers. Those question papers are really beneficial to your upcoming Kerala PSC exam 2022. To understand the previous LDC question patten is very necessary. So we provide all LDC previous question papers with answers. If you prepare for the LDC exam 2022 you must understand the LDC syllabus 2022. In 2022 LDC exam pattern is completely changed. So everyone must read the LDC syllabus. We give LDC mock test here it's also useful to you.

Kerala PSC LDC Previous Question Papers & Answer Key - PDF Download

LDC Syllabus 2022 Main Subjects and mark distribution

Subjects Marks
History 5
Geography 5
Economics 5
Indian Constitution 5
Kerala – Governance and System of Administration 5
Life Science and Public Health 5
Physics 3
Chemistry 3
Arts, Literature, Culture, Sports 5
Basics of Computer 3
Important Acts 5
Current Affairs 20
Simple Arithmetic, Mental Ability and Reasoning 10
General English 10
Regional Language (Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil) 10

LDC Previous Question Papers 2021

Here we give the LDC question papers 2021. If you study for the LDC exam 2021 you start to study with the LDC question paper 2021. All LDC question papers 2021 is given below

എല്ലാ ചോദ്യപേപ്പറുകളിലും ആൻസർ കീ ഉൾപെടുത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട്. ഏറ്റവും അവസാനത്തെ പേജിൽ ആണ് ആൻസർ കീ നൽകിയിട്ടുള്ളത്
LDC Question Papers And Answer Key 2021
Question Paper Code Year Previous Question Paper & Answer Key [PDF]
117/2021 2021 LDC Question Paper
100/2021 2021 LDC Question Paper (Ex-servicemen)

All LDC previous Question papers in on file

Here we give on PDF file that contains 45 LDC question papers and 300 pages. So it's helpful to you.

LDC Rank File

PSC Aspirants Asked Questions

Some Kerala PSC candidates ask some questions associated with the LDC exam 2021 and study tips for the LDC exam. Below is the FAQ section, we give you the answers please check.

From which year should the LDC question paper be studied?

You start studying with the LDC question paper from 2017 to 2011. This is a great option.

Where can I get the previous question papers for the LDC exam?

You can download all the LDC question papers from here. Answer keys are provided for all LDC question papers.

Do I need to spend more time studying English and Maths to get a higher rank in the LDC exam?

This learning methodology was correct a few years ago. If you have studied Mathematics and English before, you will get 40 marks in the exam. So this is important. This means that you have completed 40% of the LDC syllabus if you have studied English and Mathematics. But this is not practical in the 2021 LDC exam. Because in 2021 the LDC syllabus was changed. If you study English and Maths you will get 20% marks in an exam. So pay equal attention to all subjects to study effectively.

How to study Current Affairs for the LDC exam?

You can download Current Affairs Note from psc pdf bank and practice our Current Affairs Mock Test. Buy and Learn Current Affairs Rank File Study Current Affairs in psc bulletin. You should study this and practice the current affairs mock test in the psc pdf bank.

What is the allowable time for the LDC exam?

The time to write the LDC exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes.