Negative forms of auxiliary verbs 

Hi, friends are you searching for negative forms of auxiliary verbs we are given the complete forms here. At first, you understand about auxiliary verbs. We are given details below.


The auxiliary verb can simply be defined as " a verb used in forming the tenses, moods, and voices of other verbs ".

We have 24 auxiliary verbs (helping verbs ) in English. We have 11 primary auxiliary verbs and 12 modal auxiliary verbs in English. Is, are, am, was, were, has, have, had, do, does, did is the primary auxiliary verbs, can, could, shall, should, will, would, may, might, must, need, dare, ought to, used to is the modal auxiliary verbs.

Here we give the negative forms of auxiliary verbs in English you can easily understand it. This knowledge is helpful to all competitive exams mainly in Kerala PSC  LDC, LGS, Fireman and Police Constable exams. This information is also helpful for all students. 

Auxiliary verbs + Not Negative forms
is + not isn't
are + not aren't
am + not aren't
was + not wasn't
were + not weren't
has + not hasn't
have + not haven't
had + not hadn't
do + not don't
does + not doesn't
did + not didn't
can + not can't
could + not couldn't
will + not won't
would + not wouldn't
shall + not shan't
should + not shouldn't
may + not mayn't
might + not mightn't
must + not mustn't
need + not needn't
dare + not daren't
ought + not oughtn't
used + not didn't

Don't Forget This Negative Forms Of Auxiliary Verbs

Here we give the four auxiliary verbs it's the main point in this section because the negative forms of this auxiliary verb are different from other auxiliary verbs.

You must give important in these four auxiliary verbs. We give the confusing auxiliary verbs below.

Auxiliary verbs + Not Negative forms
Am + Not Aren't
Will + Not Won't
Shall + Not Shan't
Used + Not Didn't

Negative Forms Of Auxiliary Verbs Mock Test

Here we were given the mock test of negative forms of auxiliary verbs. We hope that it's truly helpful to you.

To understand negative form's of auxiliary verbs is an essential thing. So try to practice the mock test don't skip that. This mock test is helpful to all students. The mock test is given below. 

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