Shipping & Delivery Policy

The statement "Shipping is not applicable for business" typically means that a business does not offer shipping services to its customers. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as the nature of the products or services being offered, or the fact that the business operates primarily in a local area and does not have a need to ship products.

For businesses that do not offer shipping, customers typically have to physically visit the business's location to make a purchase or receive a service. This means that the business may have a more limited customer base than a business that offers shipping, but it also means that the business may be able to offer a more personalized and localized experience for its customers.

Customers who are interested in purchasing from a business that does not offer shipping should be aware that they will need to physically visit the business's location to make a purchase. They should also be aware of the business's hours of operation, and any restrictions or requirements that may be in place, such as the need to make an appointment or to comply with local health and safety regulations.

Overall, while not offering shipping may limit the reach of a business, it can also provide a more personal and localized experience for customers, and may be a viable option for businesses that operate primarily in a local area or that offer services that cannot be shipped.

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